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Teen Fucked By A Big Black Cock

With: Fantina

Fantina is tricked by her boyfriend into having sex with one of his friends. He’s been wanting to have a threesome for some time and his teen girlfriend wasn’t too keen on it. She doesn’t want everyone in school to think she’s a slut. That’s why he blindfolded her and invited his friend in for the action. Fantina doesn’t miss a beat when she realizes that there’s another guy in the bunch. Some people think three is a crowd. Not one of these three people think that in the slightest. The guys take turns getting sucked and fucking this tender teen. They keep doing so until her teen pussy can barely take it any longer. Luckily for her, they let up, and what happens next is totally outrageous. Both guys have been building up a huge nut and they both drench her in gooey semen.. This is exactly how every teen threesome should end.

19 Nov 2016