45 min



Gorgeous Lesbians Having Romantic Sex

With: Abby C | Xenia B

Teen lust is something that’s absolutely impossible to control. No one knows this better than Abby and her friend Xenia. All it took was one lick of pussy and they were hooked. Lesbian sex addicts these two are and teens at that. Licking, toying, and fingering feel good as both of them discover while searching the other for satisfaction. A toy is what will be used and both of them do plenty of heavy breathing as the pleasure becomes intense. Experience is the only teacher either of these two use to guide themselves on the journey they’re about to take on. Their journey to the orgasmic summit is achieved one step at a time like someone climbing a mountain. The effort for climbing to the peak, is an orgasm, that leaves both girls drained beyond words.

7 Oct 2016