36 min


Warming-up for yoga

No, this isn't another yoga instructional exercise, it's a VR pornography scene with hot Czech Vanessa Decker doing yoga positions. Presently we surmise we have your consideration, isn't that so? Despite the fact that you were never a fanatic of this sort of activity, when your fitness coach is this arousing European, it's difficult to disapprove of anything, particularly when you have a couple of GearVR, a VirtualRealPorn scene in 5K and Vanessa Decker doing distinctive yoga positions. As you may have envisioned at this point, this computer generated experience pornography experience starts with an irregular extending which closes with an issue in her leg, so you need to knead her on her tangle with oil till she can't tolerate it any longer, removes her garments and asks you, yes you got it, to screw her.

1 Oct 2020