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Blow Trespassing – Blonde Babe Gives Perfect Blowjob

Kenzie Reeves is the perfect image of sexy. She is pretty and fit and can suck a cock like a pro. If there is one thing she's not all that great at, it's her sense of direction. She is supposed to be at her friend's pool party but she ends up lost and needing help. That's when you found her, all alone and clueless in your backyard. Kenzie apologizes for wandering in and insists that she makes it up to you. How can you refuse her offer? You take one look at her gorgeous face, her soft lips and her sexy curves and all you can think of is "OH GOD, YES!" She goes down on her knees, unzips your jeans and grab hold of your dick. She wraps her warm lips around your cock and starts sucking and moaning. What a babe!

2 Mar 2018