29 min


Borderlands A XXX Parody

With: Silvia Rubi

You and your buddy, Lilith has been spending more and more time lately – scavenging, searching through the wastelands, eliminating threats, exchanging blows with Handsome Jack – all leading to a more intimate bond. Today, you're heading out to explore the badlands further when suddenly Lilith barge through the door with a look of exasperation on her face. Claptrap is getting on her nerves again. She just can't stand the jerk. Thankfully the creep can't use the stairs. And now, you and Lilith are alone together – with lots of time in your hands. You're getting hard just thinking about what you could get up to together. Lilith is just as ecstatic as she look at you with only one thing in mind – sex! Now go on, get naked and have a blast bangin the sexy Crimson Raider.

1 Mar 2018