Nikki's Giving You a Raise – With Your Pants Down and Your Cock Out

Nikki Benz didn't find herself rising to the top of her own business by playing it safe and saying yes to everyone. She made it to the top by kicking ass and taking names. She's always had a wild side for business. She can tell when there's a good deal and when something is hot, ready for the taking. Every business transaction gets her off just a little bit, but it doesn't satisfy her. She needs more. 

Today is that day. Nikki just closed the deal of the century and it is making her horny. She needs it bad. Real bad. She aches from her sales high, yet she craves a hard, throbbing dick, your dick, deep in her mouth. So when she calls you in after the sales call, her blouse already unbuttoned a few buttons, you know what she wants. Well, don't you?

6 May 2017